I’m a multi-platform communications professional: I’ve worked extensively in both print (magazines, newspapers, textbooks, guidebooks) and digital (flipbook, websites, newsletters, social media).

No matter the topic, I approach content with a lens of equity and diversity. This can mean everything from word choice to championing underrepresented voices in storytelling.

Hire me for:
– Writing and editing, of course
– Brainstorming editorial and branded story ideas based on trends, analytics and content gaps
– Content planning and strategy
– Managing an editorial calendar/production schedule
– Hiring freelance writers, designers and photographers
– Creating and managing digital growth strategy (social media, SEO, trends, newsletters, etc.)
– Managing/curating websites in content management systems
– Working with sales teams/clients on sponsored/branded content
– Monitoring/reporting on website analytics
– Creating style guides
– Project managing website redesigns, content audits, etc.
– Streamlining editorial processes