Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. I’m Jennifer Foden, a Vancouver- and Toronto-based freelance writer and editor. In addition to working with words, I’m into: travel & adventure, sustainability, architecture & design, food & drink, social justice and books. So, those are the topics I tend to write about/edit. That’s not to say I’ll never work on anything else, but those are the topics I tend to work on most frequently.

I was a member of the Travel Media Association of Canada for five years (and won 1st Place in the Cultural/Historical Feature category in 2016 at their annual awards gala). Currently, I’m a member of CMG Freelance and the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors (I’ve been a judge for their annual Editors’ Choice Awards since 2014). Also, I’ve been known to lend my voice to the odd interview (one of my favs can be found in the Toronto Star). 

When not working with words, I’m travelling, biking, taking pictures of trees, watching/playing sports or hanging out with my niece and nephew. GET IN TOUCH! via Email or Twitter.